Saturday, October 30, 2010

* H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N *

                                                                         It's been one
                                                                        of my favorite
                                                                       for as long as I
                                                                      can remember. I
                                                                      going down to my
                                                                   grandma and grandpa's
                                                                   pumpkin patch 
                                                                  and picking out pumpkins
                                                                   and then helping my dad
                                                                      carve dozens of 
                                                                        pumpkins.  And
                                                                         best of all don't
                                                                         forget all of the

                                                                         My roommates
                                                                          and I start the
                                                                         a little early this
                                                                          year with a big
                                                                        group date where
                                                                         we made funfetti
                                                                            and carved
                                                                              We tried
                                                                               buying a
                                                                          carving set, but
                                                                          of course being
                                                                           Provo and just
                                                                        a few days before
                                                                       the store was clean
                                                                      out.  So we got a little
                                                                      creative and sketched
                                                                        our own design,
                                                                       an awesome looking
                                                                         spider in a web.
                                                                           We outlined the
                                                                             design on the
                                                                              pumpkin by
                                                                            holes with the
                                                                         point of pens and
                                                                       then we proceeded
                                                                        to cut out the
                                                                          pumpkin using

                                                           It was a very intricate process,
                                                         that's for sure.  I think by the time
                                                         we got done, two of the legs were
                                                      busted, but luckily we were able to fix
                                                      them with toothpicks.  Once we were
                                                    finished, we were so excited it turned out
                                                   well, that is until I remembered that I forgot
                                                       to buy a candle to put in the pumpkin. 
                                                        Luckily we had one laying around the
                                                          apartment, then I remembered we
                                                           didn't have matches or a lighter to
                                                              light it.  We were able to track
                                                                 down a match and light our
                                                                     pumpkin.  It looked so

                                                                   Last night i was able to
                                                                go to Nightmare on 13th in
                                                              Salt Lake, which was way fun!
                                                           It was good, but   it wasn't as scary
                                                         as I thought it was going to be.  I think
                                                      my date was hoping I would be a little more
                                                      scared too haha.  I've learned that if you just
                                                        have the right state of mind while walking
                                                         through haunted houses, all of the creepy
                                                           monsters won't waste their time on you.
                                                            If they can't get a rise out of you, they
                                                              move on to some other person who
                                                               they can hopefully get a better rise
                                                                   out of.  It's kind of like having
                                                                   older brothers, if you let them
                                                                       make you mad and get a
                                                                        rise out of you, they just
                                                                         keep bugging you more
                                                                          and more.  After living
                                                                          with two older brothers,
                                                                            I've definitely learned
                                                                              my lesson and not
                                                                                 letting people
                                                                                    get a rise
                                                                                       out of

                                                                            All in all
                                                                            though it
                                                                          was way fun,
                                                                         I love going to

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