Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the LAST STAND of 118...

So sadly we are losing two roommates! Sad day huh! When you have the
perfect roommates it's only a matter of time before some marriage hungry
RM finds them and sweeps them off their feet! For our last week together
we decided to do something I thought was extremely cool.  We all
partcipated in our ward's Christmas fireside!

First off it was amazing in the first place that all of us were actually here
this weekend so we coulddo this! So Heather R ended up playing the
piano, Heather W, Jayci, and I sang, and Kyleigh and Amy signed! It
was the coolest thing ever I'm sure! I'm just kinda sad that I didn't
actually get to watch Amy and Kyleigh sign. I thought we did a
fabulous job, considering we pulled it all together within a couple of
days, learning signs, learning parts for harmony, and the piano
piece! It was so much fun, but at the same time, it was super sad, cuz it
meant we only had a few days left before our mother dearest Jayci
moved out!  We were sure to take tons of pictures, of course!

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