Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Mother Dearest...

Today was a very tragic day!  It was the day one of my wonderful roommates
moved out!  Of course we knew this day was coming, but it really didn't seem
like it (I know that really doesn't make any sense whatsoever)!  This roommate
was the very cute, sweet, beautiful, hilarious, loving, (etc!!) Jayci aka My
Mother Dearest!  She was always asking for updates on my social life, school,
and work (yes that includes chores :D).  The past few weeks have been crazy
busy for all of us, but especially this last weekend was super crazy, as I was
in and out of the apartment multiples time only staying a few minutes at a time
and every time I would pop in Jayci would always be sure to welcome me
home and then as I was dashing out the door she would demand where I
was going, what time I would be home, who I was going with, and what we
were doing.  I really felt like I was back at home with my own mom, although
I had given Jayci this nickname months ago, it really has stuck since, especially
as her wedding date has neared.  She is always good about resolving issues in
the apartment and goes about it in a very nice motherly way! ( something I
epicly failed at last year! ) I am definitely going to miss her contagious laugh
filling the apartment, and her very bright, happy, and energetic attitude and
personality!  There is less than a week until the sweet sweet girl get's married,
(darn you Kolten! haha jk!) and we are definitely going to miss her next
semester.  We are definitely going to have to take a road trip for a visit next
semester!  Jayci Mae we are definitely going to miss you!
I love you Mother Dearest!

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  1. oh kelsee! i just love you so so much! i hope you and the other girls are behaving yourselves without me there to keep ya'll in line. :) i miss you girls so much! keep in touch and i'll keep stalking your blog. okay? okay.