Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the STORM that "surpassed" anything Utah has seen in years...

After almost 2 and a half months of school, I was so ready to go home
for the break!  I had to work on Monday night, so my plan was to
leave later on Tuesday morning after my dance class.  I was taking two
of my friends home too.  One who lives in Ogden and the other lives
in Hazelton.  There was supposed to be a storm that was supposed to
hit Southern Idaho and the whole state of Utah.  I stocked up on some
food and a package of waterbottles and packed a bunch of blankets
in my trunk for worst case scenario, if we got stopped and stranded
by the storm.  We reached Ogden and I dropped off my friend Alisa
and then hurried and stopped at my grandparents house for a quick
visit.  As I was pulling out of the drive way, my dad called to tell me
that the free way crossing the Idaho border had been closed.  I felt
so bad!  My friend Chalet and I were stuck at my grandparents house.
The roads had been closed because of the expected storm of the
decade.  We thought about maybe taking the Pocatello route instead,
but sadly every freeway that could have possibly gotten us home
were closed.  After we had been stuck at my grandparents house
for awhile, Chalet got a text message from the Univesity saying that
campus was being closed at 3pm so that students could go home
and prepare for the storm.  Grandma and Grandpa fed us my
grandma's famous homemade mac n' cheese, it was so yummy!
Chalet and I slept out on the couches that night and I woke up at
about 5:30 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep because
I was so nervous about driving home.  The roads were supposed
to be opening up at 8am and I was very nervous because I had been
checking pictures of different parts of the road on my phone to see
if the conditions had gotten any better, and they hadn't if anything
they had gotten worse.  When I finally got up to get ready to leave
I check the estimation time of when the roads were supposed to
open again at 10 am.  Chalet and I ended up leaving my
grandparents house at 9 and slowly made our way home.  It
ended up taking us a little over 2 and a half hours to make it
home, which was really great time considering the roads were
icy and Sweetzer Summit was covered in snow.  I was so happy
to be home, even if it was for only a day and a half.  I had to
make the trip back to Provo for work Friday night.  Hopefully
for Christmas I'll get to stay home a little longer.

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