Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dance Lab

Last night my roommates
and I went to a dance lab
for our social dance class. 
We got there just in time
for the end of the first
floor show which included
performances from two
different 280 social dance
classes and 2 different
380 dance classes, with a
polka  competition
inbetween each number.  This year I'm taking a 280 class and we were
the only 280 class that didn't perform at either dance lab.  Most people
would be sad about not getting to perform, but i was actually rather
relieved.  It would have been fun to perform, but I definitely would
have had stage fright!

Dance labs are always kinda fun to go to.  They actually kinda remind me of junior
high school dances and stake dances.  Everyone gets all dressed up, but instead
of that typical little side to side waddle thing, everyone is actually dancing the same
type of dance with steps they have learned in class.  It's always fun to meet new
people and seeing old friends too.  This dance lab was way fun, I got to not only
hang out with my roommates, but also my friends and Alisa and Cole who I
actually met in my dance class.  Cole had been in my dance class last semester
and by chance we ended up being in the same dance class again.  Usually in
dance classes you end up learning most of the guys' names, but you never really
get to talk to any of the girls unless it is before or after class.  I'm not even sure
how Alisa and I started talking, but we have ended up being really good friends!
We go to the same practices together and even went to breakfast one more,
haha it was way fun.  She is super nice and I'm just sad she had to meet a
crazy person like me! HAHA!

This dance lab was probably one of the best ones I have been to so far!  In the
spirit of Christmas they played a lot of Christmas music for us to dance too,
which made it that much more fun!  The dance lab was way fun.  I can't wait to
take more dance classes next semsester!

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