Saturday, December 4, 2010

temple trip

I love going to the
temple! I especially
love going when it's
a temple I have
never been to!
Yesterday my
roommates and I
were able to attned
the Mt. Timpanogos
temple! It was such
an great experience!
My roommate
Heather, was able to

schedule us an appointment because she lives in Alpine.  I had been to Mt
Timpanogos temple before, but had never actually been inside of it before.  I
have always thought it to be one of the prettiest temples!  It was awesome to
actually get to go inside and do temple work.  It was such a peacful and sweet
On our drive back to Provo,
we stopped at this burger joint
called the Purple Turtle!  We
wereso amazed by the roof of
the building because it is purple!
I was starving because the only
thing I had had to eat all day
was a sugar cookie I made for
my dance class party, which
was actually a lot more fun than
I originally thought it would be.
We played some games and
that involved us practicing
dances we had learned
throughout the semester. 
It was way fun!

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