Saturday, January 1, 2011

Road Trip

This was my first official road trip I have taken that lasted more than just
a day.  Sunday night I packed up my car and drove to Alpine where I
picked up my roommate Heather W and her boyfriend Stephen.  We kept driving
north, headed toward Logan where we were staying with our roommate
Kyleigh's relatives.  I was super excited to be going to Logan, because a
very dear friend of mine moved there last August and I hadn't seen her since!
She is practically my second mother.  She is so caring and concerned with
everything in my life.  She is always pushing me to be better, do my absolute
best, and be my best self!  She is such a great example to me in everything she
does.  I am so glad that I met her and that I am able to have her as a friend
and that I was able to visit her for a few hours that Sunday night. 

Monday morning we woke up and continued our drive even farther north
toward Driggs, Idaho.  One of our other roommates Heather R (yes there are
two Heathers) lives there and her parents were nice enough to let us stay with
them Monday night before we drove to Idaho Falls to go to Jayci's wedding on
Tuesday morning.  The roads were a little scary going through the canyon to get
to her house, an experience that could have been avoided easily, but I'm
blaming the stupid GPS on my phone for rerouting us to an alternate route.
I have to admit it was rather amusing to watch Kyleigh freaking out as we
drove up and down hill on the snowpacked windy road through the canyon.

After nearly five and a half to six hours of  white knuckled driving, 
we finally reached Heather's hosue, which was a Christmas fairytale! 
I was so jealous that I was tempted to ask her mom if I could come live with them!

It was so beautiful here, I could hardly believe it!

We were also lucky enough to go snowmobiling and sledding while
we were here.  It was way fun! We hooked up a couple of big sledding
tubes behind the snowmobile and went flying over huge snowdrifts.
It was all I could do but to hang on for dear life as 4 of us piled on
the tubes and Heather sped up and down hills trying to throw us off.
You can bet that I slept soundly that night, in fact I ended up passing out
on the family room floor in the basement at about 9:30 (which is
only about 3 or 4 hours early from my normal bed time!)

The next morning we all got ready to head to Idaho Falls
to go to Jayci's wedding.  I made breakfast while Heather,
Kyleigh, JJ, and Stephen packed up the car.

When we got to the temple, we all piled out of the car and waited for 
Jayci and her husband to come out.  She looked so beautiful! 

There was a luncheon and later that evening there was a gorgeous
reception.  There were lots of goodies, a cute slideshow of pictures of
Jayci and Kolton growing up.  My absolute favorite though was this
big display table of beautiful quilts.  I was especially excited to see one.
When Jayci told us her and Kolton were getting engaged, she told us
that his grandma made all of her grandkids who got married a hand-
stitched quilt.  This quilt was beautiful!! There were other about three
or four other quilts on the table as well, one made by Jayci, another by
her mom, another by Kolton's sister ( I think ), and another one by
Kolton's mom.  One of my life goals is to make a big beautiful
quilt, but after seeing these ones, especially the one Jayci's mom
made and the one Kolton's grandma made, I'm tempted to just buy
the fabric for them and pay them to make it for me!

We stayed at the reception for about and hour and then decided
to make our way home.  I had to the work the next afternoon,
and I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get home.  So we
said our goodbyes to Jayci and Kolton and piled back in the car. 
It took us close to five hours to get home.  I dropped of Kyleigh
and JJ in Tremonton, where her dad picked them up to go back to
Logan, and I dropped Heather and Stephen off in Alpine.  By the
time I made it back to the apartment, I was so sick of driving and I
wasn't too excited about staying in an apartment all by myself for
almost two weeks, with only two of those days planned for a trip home.

I just have to say that this road trip was way fun and I am so glad
I got to go to Jayci's wedding and her wedding reception!  She
looked so beautiful and happy.  It's really weird to think that she won't
be with us this next semester.  Hopefully Kolton will let her come visit....
A LOT!! Because we are definitely going to miss her a lot! I am so glad
I met Jayci, she is such a cute girl, a great friend, and a great example to me.
I'll miss you Jayci (aka Mom)!!!


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