Sunday, January 2, 2011

-New Year Resolutions-

In celebration of each new year, we all set those new
year resolutions.  I think the new year is a perfect time to reflect on our experiences and goals from the previous year.  My list seems to grow a little each year.  The odds of actually completely fulfilling all of the goals on my list are not very likely, but I like to give myself multiple things to work
on and attempt to achieve as much as I possibly can.  A few goals on my list this year are:
- Gain a stronger testimony
- Read the Book of Mormon
- Attend the temple weekly
- No procrastinating homework
- Give service to others
- Be a good friend
(and kinda a random one)
- Learn at least 4 song on guitar

I intend to work as hard as I possibly can on each of
these goals, as well as many others on my list.  I know that I
can become a better person if I do.  By working on these, I can
progress in my life and acheive greather long term goals that I have. 

Happy New Year!!

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