Sunday, June 5, 2011

I hate being sick!

So I think because I was lucky and went the entire school year without being sick that it had to catch up with me
eventually, so yes I ended up getting the worse cold/sinus infection/allergies (whatever you wish to call it) I think I have had in the longest time.  I honestly felt at times that my head was going to implode.... yes IMPLODE not explode.  There was so much pressure building in my head that I honestly felt like the outside of my head was being sucked into the center of my skull... ok ok so I guess that was a pretty extreme exaggeration of a description but seriously, I don't think I have ever had that much pressure built in my head before!  After the first 5 days of being completely miserable and having my voice sound like a boy who's going through voice changes I paid my doctor  little visit.  Usually my doctor just tells me to get rest and to take cold medicine and drink lots of fluids... well the think was I had been doing all of that from day 1 and I had only gotten worse.  Usually I hate taking medicine ( I mean I have to be completely miserable before I'll take Tylenol or cold medicine ) but by Day 2 I was taking Mucinex, 24 hr allergy medicine, and Tylenol.  So usually when I go into the doctor's office the last thing I want is antibiotics, but this time I was going to beg him to put me on antibiotics.  Thankfully he did prescribe me some and i was super happy, and I also found out the last time I took antibiotics was in 2008... that's quite awhile ago.  Let me tell you those antibiotics were amazing, I continued to take all of my other meds though on top of the antibiotics and after a few days.... (hallelujah chorus) I began to get better! It was amazing!  Thank you for modern medicine!!

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