Friday, May 20, 2011

First Week of Work Finally Over!

So I started work this last week... yeah I know I was saying how I couldn't wait to go back to work because it would give me something to do, but I have to admit I'm so glad that my first week of work is over.  This week we have basically just been reviewing stuff in classes.  Class is something to do (better than sitting around) but most times it's super boring... at least I'm getting paid to sit in class instead of paying to take a class.

I was kinda nervous about taking my pack test too.  We were supposed to take our pack test on the pack fest day on June 1st when the rookies have joined us.  In order to be able to work you have to pass a pack test, carrying a 45 lb pack and walking/jogging 3 miles in 45 minutes.  I finished with plenty of time last year, but this year I felt like I wasn't in as good of shape as last spring.  I showed up to work today ready to work out but found out that we were taking our pack test today.  I was so nervous that I wasn't going to pass.  We headed out to the old high school's track, strapped on our packs and started our 12 laps around the track.  It was honestly easier than I thought it was going to be and I ended up beating my time from last year... guess I was worried for nothing.

I was kinda nervous about the crew I would be put on, but I'm happy to say that I like my crew so far.  I'm the only girl on my crew (no surprise there) and I'm the most inexperienced, no rookies this year.  Then again if it's anything like last year, people will probably get shifted around from crew to crew.  I like my job, but it's a good thing that I only work there for 4 months.  All of the cussing, chewing, and smoking gets really old really fast.  Last year it took me awhile to get used to it, but I have to say that after an amazing year at BYU, I'm already sick of all of these nasty habits.  There are only a couple of people that I work with who are LDS,  but even still I much preferred the atmosphere in Provo working at the OG where almost everyone had the same standards.  Oh well, I'm not going to be working this job for the rest of my life.... NO WAY JOSE, but it pays really well to help me get through school during the fall.

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