Sunday, October 2, 2011

Relief Society Retreat

So almost a month ago on September 9 (yeah it's been awhile I know ha) I had the amazing experience of getting to go down to Payson Canyon up in the mountains to attend a fireside held by Jenny Phillips.  It was A-MA-ZING! The drive up there just in itself was gorgeous and it was such a great opportunity to get to know the girls in my ward a little bit better.  I have to admit I felt a little intimidated having Jenny Phillips sitting by me during the opening hymn haha.  I had heard a few of her songs growing up in young womens, but after she shared some of her songs with us, I have to admit I have been listening to her songs quite regularly for almost a month now.  They are just great inspirational messages that help me through my day and are good break from some of the not so uplifting lyrics in some of the songs heard on the radio nowadays.  The next morning, after a very long night of hard bunk beds and almost freezing to death, we were privileged to go to devotional by our stake president.  His messages he shared were just as inspiring as Sister Phillips were, maybe even more so.  He talked about his youngest son, who they adopted after having been neglected by his parents.  He had almost drown in the bathtub twice and was suspected to have been beaten by his father.  It was such as sad story but so inspiring to hear how his wife was so excited to adopt him and take care of him even though it would require more work and effort than their previous children had.  The overall theme for the "Retreat" was Happily Ever After and how each of us (let's face it especially as women) are seeking for that Happily Ever After we each dream of.  President Schollenberger and Sister Phillips messages were amazing and were just what I needed to hear.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend that activity be more inspired to live each day striving for my Happily Ever After.

On another note, Later that After noon, my roommate Alisa and I were able to go to the Women's Expo at UVU.  Last year when I went with Kyleigh, I ended up buying more than I probably should have, but they were seriously too good of deals for me to pass up.  So this year I was super proud of myself for making it through almost three fourths of all of the booths without buying a single cute frilly thing.  I came to this one booth though where this lady was selling paintings of the Salt Lake Temple.  They were GORGEOUS!! Alisa and I thought it would be good to buy a couple of her paintings to put in a couple of the picture frames that we had made for the apartment.  But when we couldn't find anymore of the one we really liked and were going to settle for a couple other ones, I was maybe a little too impulsive but got this bright idea that I would buy one of the big ones that was already framed.  The more I tried to analyze the pros and cons of buying this painting, the pros were heavily outweighing the cons.  I decided to buy this wonderful painting...

I just loved this painting so much I couldn't pass it by, especially when it was 25% off.  
It definitely made a lovely addition to apartment! 

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