Sunday, November 6, 2011

BYU vs. utah

(Yep so I know this happened forever ago but here it is...)

September 17, 2011

So today was the big BYU vs. Utah game... and this year I decided not to get a sports pass to go the football games, but I figured if there was one football game I should go to this one was it!  

 So I was lucky enough to find a ticket at the last minute (actually from one of my bosses from my summer job... kinda weird) so I coughed up $40 just to go to this game, but I figured it was a good investment to attend my last BYU vs. Utah game (well at least while I'm an undergrad).  My roommate Alisa and I walked what seemed like forever to the football game (I guess the one thing that was nice about living at the Riv was the fact that you couldn't possibly get any closer to the stadium for football games).  We found our seats (which weren't that great) and got ready to cheer on our Cougs!  Because this was a huge game (as it always is...) it seemed like it took forever to get the actual game started... but I have to say the "opening ceremonies" were pretty awesome.  I don't think I have ever seen an American flag this big before! So the game started and the first quarter wasn't too bad, but toward the middle of the game our Cougars weren't playing up to their full potential (ok so maybe that's just a really nice way to say that Utah was basically kicking our trash).  So by half time we were down, but of course all of us die hard fans were praying for a comeback in the second half of the game... well I guess as basically everyone knows these prayers were not answered                                                                          
because we ended up getting beat pretty horribly, in fact to the extent that most people started leaving half way through the third quarter.  With only ten minutes left of the game Alisa and I decided that we were just going to walk home and finish watching the rest of it on TV because we were starving and figured there was no point in staying when we were getting our butts whooped.  Although it wasn't the best way to end my last year of BYU football, I'm still glad I got to go cheer on my Cougs, even if I might be turning over to the dark side next year by going to the U for grad school... I'll still always be a BYU Cougar at heart!

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