Monday, November 21, 2011

Camping!...well sort of..

So there were a few people in our ward who were putting together a camping activity and I have to say that I was dying to go! Although I spent the majority of this last summer sleeping on the hard ground in a tent, I really wanted to go. There is just something about camping and being outdoors that I love. Well I was scheduled to work the night of the camp out, but my Alisa and I were planning on driving up the canyon to join the rest of the group after I got off work. I got all prepared, borrowing sleeping bags and a tent from my brother... and then of course it decided to rain a majority of the day and all through my shift (not to mention it was freezing outside!) I didn't care I still wanted to go camping... so we did... well sort of...

So we ended up setting up the tent in our living room... ha it was so much FUN! It was a little ridiculous though I have to admit, because the tent was so big that it took up our entire living room!
It was so big that we could barely open our front door! It was kinda nice though because we were "camping" but we still were able to watch a movie and not freeze our tushes off (I think that was probably my favorite part). We ended up playing cards all night too (still very campy... campish..?). I was thoroughly happy that we had decided to stay inside and "go camping" instead of driving up the canyon because it continued to rain all night long and the ground would have been soaking wet, we probably would have ended up sleeping in our cars and not to mention that the next morning we woke up to a most frightful sight indeed....
Yep you guessed it... SNOW my friends! I could hardly believe my eyes, mind you this was still the beginning of October (yeah I know a little late with my posts... oh well). Although I have to admit we do have a mighty fine view from our balcony of the mountains. Our camp out was very fun... I think we will definitely be having one again! 

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