Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tressa Come's to Visit = AWESOMENESS!

So I know I am only almost a month late, but Tress came to visit me a few weeks back and it was a BLAST! It was exactly what I needed! It was so much fun to see her, seeing as how I hadn't seen her since I had moved back down to school in August! We went to Sammy's for lunch and then went to Breaking Dawn later that afternoon... yeah and surprisingly it was lot better than I thought it was going to be, by far the best Twilight movie thus far. After we got done watching the movie, we went window shopping for a couple hours at the Provo Mall where of all places we ran into another friend from little Burley, Idaho. Lo and behold we saw Kirsten and her cute little baby boy Greyson. We got to chat with her a bit, continued our window shopping and then as random and maybe even pathetic as this may be, we went to Olive Garden for dinner (yeah I know you're probably thinking "don't you get enough of that place during the week when you're working?" but hey it was actually really good). After dinner we ended up getting tickets for the BYU football game and went for only the first half, simply because it was freezing and we were kicking the other team's trash. I was so happy that Tress was able to come visit me, she was such a trooper, putting up with sleeping on an extra hard bed and driving all the way home with her niece.  Tress you're awesome! Love ya buddy can't wait for you to come back down so we can hang out again soon!

(yeah if you couldn't tell, totally laughing in this picture) 

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