Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebrating Adulthood...sort of

Yeah, yeah I know I'm only 4 months (to the day actually) late with this but oh well here it goes.

So for my 21st birthday (remember this is January, ha yeah it's been awhile) I woke up bright and early, I think about 5:00 am actually, to be a responsible student and finish my reading for my humanities class. After I finished that I got ready to go to class and trekked a mile to my first class at 8 am. I was in classes straight through until 1:00 at which time I spent the next couple of hours hurriedly trying to finish up the last of my grad school applications which were due Feb 1st. Well I had originally planned to get all of my applications done during Christmas break so I wouldn't have to worry about them after I came back from my cruise and had a ton of work to catch up on for school, ha oh well yeah that didn't quite happen the way I had hoped and planned. It didn't help that the night before when I was just putting the finishing touches on my letters of intent my sad little lap top died and I wasn't able to revive it. It was a good thing I had saved most of my grad school stuff on a flash drive, but before it died I didn't get a chance to save some of the changes I made on my letter of intent I was working on. So sadly I had to try my hardest to remember the changes I had made to my letter so that I could get it finished and in the mail so that it would reach the graduate department on time. Thankfully I got everything in the mail and was able to finish my assignment for my next class at 3:30.

My roommates had told me that once I got home that they were taking me somewhere for my birthday and to not make any plans WHATSOEVER for that evening. I'm not going to lie I was rather excited to do something that wasn't related to work, school, or grad school. So when I got home my amazing roommates had totally decked out the apartment in streamers, balloons, and a Happy Birthday sign. They refused to tell me where we were going or what we were doing for my birthday, so I had to just wait patiently as we drove to our destination. In my mind I had pictured the typical birthday out with the roommates dinner, maybe a movie and then possibly a cake which I was totally fine with. Well I have to admit I was rather surprised when we pulled up in front of Chuck E Cheese.

Ha only these two would have come up with an idea like this one.

They figured that most people celebrate adulthood on their 21st birthday, well instead they decided it would be fun to celebrate my youth and remind me that not matter how old I get it's ok to act like a kid.

We ordered this gigantic pizza (which we actually finished believe it or not!) and then of course had fun playing tons of games. After we had had our fair share of fun playing games, we went back to the apartment for cake and ice cream. They made the cutest little cake! It almost reminded me of a cake that would have come right out of Alice and Wonderland.

This was probably one of the most if not THE most memorable birthday I've ever had. It was definitely just what I needed after a very long and stressful day. Thanks Amy and Alisa, you guys are the best!

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