Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cruisin Disney Style

Well this post is only about 4 months late, but hey here it is anyway... 

Last May when I drove down to visit some friends and family in Provo, my sis-in-law's family was also visiting that weekend. Her two little sisters were talking about this awesome cruise that they were going on in January and kept persistently trying to convince me to come. Their parents, Casey, and Savannah also tried to convince me to come. I was trying to be a responsible adult by saying that I had to save my money for school, especially as I was approaching my senior year at BYU and with grad school just around the corner. After they semi convinced me that I hadn't really ever done anything fun like a vacation while I was going to college and that I might as well have fun while I'm young. Well I finally caved and decided to join in on this awesome Disney Cruise that would be setting sail the first full week of classes my last semester at BYU. I figured that by this time all of my applications would be in to grad schools and if I maybe missed an assignment or two it wouldn't be that big of a deal. 

Well before I knew it, the 7-8 months had already passed and it was time for the cruise. It was actually a really nice because I had stayed in Provo and worked almost full time during Christmas break. Right when my roomies got back from break, I left for 10 days to go to California and Mexico. I felt like I hadn't seen them in forever! 

We left early Friday morning after the first few days of classes and drove all the way down to California, yeah it was a long drive so I figure I'd try to be a good student and do as much reading and homework as I could on the drive down. Well we stayed a couple of days at Savannah's house and then we left early Sunday morning to drive down to get on the boat. We had to wait until about 12 or 1 before they let us on, but when they did where did we go first.... THE FOOD of course. Let the weight gain begin! Not going to lie I was rather excited for all of the food I would be eating over the next week. To make myself a little bit better about all of the food I would be eating, I planned to get up every morning (or at least nearly every morning) to go run/work out in the gym with my brother and his father in law. So for about 4 or 5 days out of the 7 I woke up at 5:50 (yup I know you're probably thinking I was crazy for wanting to wake up that early during my vacation) and went and ran a few miles on the treadmill and then lifted a few weights. I have to say that the way they had the bikes and the treadmills set up though was so cool! It seriously felt like you were running on water because the treadmills were pushed up so close to this gigantic windows that looked over the ocean. 

Besides waking up at 5:50 all of those mornings being my favorite thing (haha not really, but it was pretty cool), I think my favorite part about the cruise would have to be the entertainment they had every night after dinner. It's Disney so of course they focused on the entertainment aspect of the cruise to the max. Probably my favorite show they did was this play/musical (again Disney) where they incorporated all of these classic Disney stories into one story. It was really really cool! 

My next favorite thing about the cruise was when we got off in Cabo and got to to snorkeling our first day off the ship. My sis-in-law and her sister's refused to come because they are all deathly afraid of fish, haha it was kind of funny. Even though the water was still a little cool with it being January and all, it was still so much fun! Our next day off of the ship in Cabo we decided that we were going to to parasailing! I was so excited, this was definitely one thing that I wanted to do while in Mexico. I was lucky and got to go up with my little cruise buddy, Savannah's little sister Abby. She was definitely a lot of fun to hang out with while on the ship. 

My cruise to Mexico was SO much fun and it was definitely worth the money to not only go on my very first cruise, but travel outside of the country for my first time, go to Mexico for the first time, go snorkeling and parasailing for the first time, and to take a break from school. It was definitely a nice little break before what was probably going to be the most stressful semester yet laying ahead of me. But all in all I had a ton of fun and plan on hopefully going on a cruise again someday. 

Here are a few pictures: 

Our lovely stateroom

This is where I spent my time during the wee hours of the morning

 Did I mention I ate escargot :D 

This was so cool! one of the rooms we ate in  was all black and white and gradually colors were added to the walls until at the end of out meal, it look like this .......

Me and my Madre :D 

My roommates for the cruise, Abby and Jamie

parasailing with my cruising buddy Abby

Me and my little cruise buddy Abby, she's such a cutie :D 

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