Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DaY oF AwKwArDnEsS & AwEsOmEnEsS!!

So I thought today was another typical day, but sadly as my day
progressed I just grew more and more socially awkward.  I was
walking to my New Testament class and entering a building when
a guy behind me said "hi" but I didn't really see who he was and
wasn't sure if he was talking to me or if he was talking on his cell
phone, so I kinda made a weird face and just kept walking and
didn't say anything.  Turns out he was in my New Testament
class and followed me inside the classroom and said "that's cool
just ignore me."  Of course I immediately began to defend myself
by explaining how I thought he was talking on the phone or talking
to someone else and of course while I was doing so, I was stumbling
over and tripping over words which only made things worse. 
After unsuccessfully pleading my case I went to sit in my usual
seat next to my friend who made me relive the episode because he
had only witenessed the last half of it and laughed at me almost the
entire time I was retelling my story.  I then went to the front of the
room to turn in my paper and came back to my seat and started
freaking out because I couldn't find my phone.  Naturally it had 
fallen underneath my seat and but my friend and I didn't realize 
this the first few minutes into our search until I finally had to
awkwardly stand up in front of the class, turn around and
crouch down and rummage underneath my seat just as
class began.

 For the awesomeness of my day, I was able to play some basketball
with some old friends and of course... we DOMINATED!! One of
the girls who was on my high school basketball team invited me to
join her intramural baksetball team.  I was so psyched because I
have been wanting to play basketball for months now.  Tonight
was so much fun, but was a testimony to how out of shape I've
become since high school.  I wasn't quite used to the rules to
this game, because the team is a coed team.  3 girls and 2 boys
are allowed to play on the court at a time for each team, boys
can't rebound inside the key, and guys can't guard girls.  I was
rather surprised that the girls on our team scored just as much
or maybe even more than the boys.  It was also way cool that
everyone on our team except maybe 2 people were all from
Burley and the majority of the team had some sort of relation
whether they were married or brother and sister. Today was
just a great day! Although my life seems to be full
awkwardness and chaos at times, I still love it and have simply
come to accept that I'm not the most graceful person, or the
smartest (especially when it comes to common sense), but I
guess that's what makes life so much more enjoyable and fun.
I just can't wait to see what crazy and dumb things I will do
next. :D    

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