Saturday, October 9, 2010

*homecoming week*

The best week of Fall would have to be homecoming, which was this week.  There were so many fun events that went on this week, like hiking and lighting the Y, all of the dances, and of course the football game! Too bad I was too busy stressing over my speech anatomy midterm, which prevented me from hiking the Y, but all of my studying paid off when I...
             ACED MY MIDTERM!!!
I was rather happy with my score.  After all of that studying, my brain was pretty much fried.  Thankfully my roommates helped me have some fun and alleviate my stress.  A couple of my roommates, Heather and Amy, had the brilliant idea to climb up onto the roof and look at the Y lit up on the mountain.  So we used this ladder that had been used earlier that day to fix a leak in the apartment next door.  Heather, Amy, Kyleigh, and I climbed up on the roof and tried taking pictures of the Y, but the blasted city lights were too bright and we never could get a very good picture, so we ended up taking goofy pictures of each other instead (yes, it was one of those weird late nights).
The other very fun activity for this week was the homecoming dance in Sandy.  I was rather unsure of what to expect.  I was kind of expecting something similar to a high school dance, but it was actually a lot more fun than I had originally expected.  It was a formal dance which it's always way fun getting all dressed up for a dance, so that was cool.  Because the our dates were so kind to ask us, we decided the least we could do was make them dinner, so we made them a fabulous dinner which consisted of...
                                                                       Spicy Chicken
                                                                         Pasta Salad
                                                                        Bacon Wraps
                                                                        Green Salad
                                                                Twice Baked Potatoes
                                                              Strawberry Cheesecake
It was very delicious if I must say so myself!!

 My date was super fun!  We had a blast! 
It became even more interesting when I ended up getting me and my date lost
on our way to the dance! I was so proud of my smart phone
bragging up the GPS on how well it worked, that is until I forgot to keep
checking on it to see where we were. HAHA So we ended
up driving past our exit by about 10 miels until I looked down at my phone
and realized we had passed it!! EEK!! I felt so
embarrassed, it definitely wasn't one of my smartest moments, that's for sure.
The dance was extremely fun though! We got to see the
penguins and fish, and write messages in a bottle to each other.
After the dance, we played some intense game of
Egyptian rat screw!  Sadly I was unable to live up to my title, but I blame
my poor playing skills on my dress, haha!

For the football game, my parents and my sis-in-law's parents came down.
We all went to lunch together at Brick Oven and then
headed over to the game.  There were many BYU fans who questioned our
team's ability (I'm not going to lie that I was probably
one of them), but our faith in our team was strengthened when we ending up
winning with a 24 to 21 victory of SDSU!  This was
the first game our team played very well together.  It was a very intense and
close game.  I sat next to my parents for the majority
of the game, but moved to sit with my roomies after half time.  It was so much
cheering on our team with my roomies.  They are pretty
much awesome!!

 This year homecoming was amazing! It was an extremely fun week
and I cannot wait for it again next year! :D

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