Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reliving the past...

    So yesterday was just an ordinary day full of classes, studying, and homework the usual.  But my wonderful roommate Heather took me back to quite a few years when we were walking between classes after our physical science class we have together. We were simply strolling down the sidewalk, when Heather looked up at the trees and said, "Do you remember the movie Land Before Time?"  And I said, "Yeah... why?" And she says, "Do you remember that leaf that Little Foot's mom gave him?  These leaves remind me of those tree star leaves!" I couldn't help but to laugh and laugh and laugh.  That comment in itself made my day! It took me back to the good old days of Land Before Time. 

    To add to my wonderful day, I made 
some homemade cookies with some awesome 
friends and then we watched the best movie of all time... 
The Little Rascals!!
 I honestly had not seen this movie in probably over 7 or 8 years! I honestly forgotten how funny this movie is! You never realize how much of that show you miss and don't fully understand when you're a little kid, this movie was probably ten times funnier watching it now that I'm older than when I watched it when I was just a little kidlet.  This was probably the best $5 I ever spent!! Thank you Walmart specials!

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  1. I quite love this post =) I'm so happy to have you as a friend as roommate!