Saturday, October 16, 2010

Talking is going to be EXPENSIVE!!

One of my favorite things to do when I get home after a long day of classes is to sit around our kitchen table and talk with my roommates.  We talk about everything and everything! The other night I came home after a really really  long day and my roommates Jayci and Kyleigh and our adopted roommate JJ were all sitting around the kitchen table working on homework and just talking.  Jayci was saying how much she hated it when people used the word like every other word whenever they would talk, and especially when they would be telling a story.  So she got this bright idea that whenever any of us used the word like incorrectly, we would have to add a penny to a jar.  She then suggested that at the end of the semester we use all of the money we accumulate towards ice cream sundaes.  I'm sorry to admit that this is probably one of my worst habits, so surprisingly I was all for this wonderful suggestion my wonderful roommate made.  I didn't realize how hard this was going to be or I guess I should say how expensive this was going to be until I had contributed over a nickel in less than twenty minutes! It really suprised me how much I actually used that word.  The funniest part though was when later that night my roommates and I went to a relief society activity and there was a girl who was telling a story and, bless her heart, I counted the word like over thirty times in her minute and a half story! I never really realized how often I use that word and I think that the "Like Jar" will definitely be good for me! I'm excited to break my bad habit, but I'm not excited to break my wallet these first few weeks, but the price just might be worth it!

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