Thursday, January 20, 2011


My favorite sport has always been basketball.  Ever since I was little, I could be found tagging along after my brothers to shoot some hoops or watch "the game" on TV.  I also remember how my dad and my brothers got tired of enduring my "long and boring" dance recitals as they would have put it.  They tried convincing me that boys didn't like girls who are too girly and prance around on their toes, but instead like girls who like sports and aren't afraid to get physical.  Well being the young naive little sister, I of course always believed what they would tell me and was constantly looking up to them.  I mean isn't that what big brothers are there for to look up to and look out for you.  So the day finally came when I traded in my leotard and dance shoes for a jersey and a pair of high tops.  I was so excited I made the team!  I even played all throughout high school.  Of
course I was never the greatest player, but I worked hard and tried my best. I felt bad for my poor coaches, I definitely led them astray with my overly large feet and awkwardly long arms.  They thought I would of course eventually grow into them and be tall like my parents and siblings, so they had me play the position of a post all through juinor high thinking I would grow.  But sadly I never did grow into my awkwardly long arms or oversized feet, I was the runt of the family.  I can't even remember how many birthday wishes I wasted on wishing to be taller, it just never happened.  I appreciated that my coaches were patient with me, being the post who was the same size as the guards.  As long as I hustled and put forth my best effort, my coach was proud of me.  I never was much an offensive player either, but I'll tell you what... those awkward long arms came in handy for intercepting passes and reaching around and defending girls who  easily stood a good half a foot to a foot taller than me. Even though I don't get to play basketball as often as I used to or would like to, I still love watching basketball games on TV or going to the BYU basketball games with my roommates.  I'm taking a coed basketball class this semester and I am one of four other girls in the class.  This would probably freak most girls out, but I have to say that it's kinda nice being able to be one of the boys again ( as weird as that sounds ).  Don't get me wrong I love being a girl and doing girly things, but I would never trade the moments I spent growing up with my brothers and the things they taught the love for the game of basketball and not just playing to play, but to play with heart.

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