Monday, January 17, 2011

First off let me just say that I rather enjoy my job, actually no,
I LOVE MY JOB!!  I've worked at the OG or Olive Garden
(as everyone else knows it).  I have worked there for almost
three months now and I have absolutely loved it.  You know
that famous slogan, "When you're here you're family"?  Well
there is a lot of truth to this, especially for me.  First off my
brother has worked there for almost two years and this is
also where he found the love of his life my amazing sister-
in-law Savannah.  Savannah has worked there a little bit
longer than Casey, and now I've joined the "family" job
and I've taken up hosting at the OG.  It's always fun
going in to work and seeing my family while I work
and sometimes I'll even see friends from my classes,
or even more bizzare people from little Burley, Idaho.
In fact just about every weekend I see someone I have
either had a class with, or someone from the Burley area. 

Probably my favorite thing ever though, is when a deaf
family or deaf couple comes in and all of the other hosts 
freak out because they generally can't understand them.
So that's when I step up and get to use my knowledge of
sign language!  It's so cool to actually get to apply it in the 
real world and in real settings rather than simply learning 
it in a classroom like I did last year for two semesters.  

I have so much fun at work!  The people I work with 
are SUPER nice and really fun to work with.  I'm so 
happy that I was able to get this job.  I'll be sad when I
have to leave it in a few months to move back home to
start my summer job - fighting those wild fires!  I really
hope that the OG will take me back in the fall though
because like they say "When you're here you're family!" 

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