Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ballroom Dance Lab

So this is my third semester taking a ballroom dance class
and I absolutely love it!  I took a lot of dance classes when
I was little, but they were jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, etc.  I
guess taking all of these different types of dance has helped
me in learning the different styles of ballroom.  This semester
I'm taking International Standard 184, which includes waltz
and quickstep.  I've taken 180 and 280, in both of which
we learned the waltz.  The waltz is probably one of my favorite
dances of all time!  It's smooth and graceful and you just look
 so elegant as you rise and fall across the dance floor.
So for 180 we are required to go to a dance lab and compete
in a mock dance competition.  We were randomly assigned
partners the week before in class.  I guess my prayer was
answered when I was paired with one of the better guys in
my class, not to mention probably the tallest.  Don't get me
wrong I don't mean to hate on any of the other guys in my class,
but there are certain guys you can just dance better with
(especially if they're taller).  So I was super excited to get to
practice with my partner, we both had our minds set on
practicing and making it as far as we possibly could.
There were over 70 couples who entered into the competition.
I was expecting my partner and I to get past at least the first
round, which thankfully we did (barely).  The first round was
definitely not our best, we kept running into other couples
and didn't even finish the entire routine once.  Our second
round we did much better and we were a little more confident.
We got called back for the third round and the fourth round, we
kept getting called back and we even made into the semi-finals
and were anxiously awaiting our number to be announced to
be included in the finals, but sadly we weren't called.  I honestly was super happy though making it all the way to through the semi-finals which is a round for only 10-12 couples usually.
This lab just got me that much more excited for Dancesport
next month! I can hardly wait, it's going to be a blast!! 

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