Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Terrible Tuesday

You know when you wake up and just have that feeling that 
your day is going to be off or something is most surely going to
go awry.  Well this last Tuesday was one of those days.  I 
woke up at a decent time got ready, packed my backpack with 
everything that I thought I would need for the day and headed 
to my first class.  I had a dance test for my dance class and I had remembered to pack my dance shoes, but completely forgot to
pack my dance book which I could use for an open book quiz
we were supposed to be having that day.  I figured it would be
best to have it just in case I needed it, so I walked my way back
to my apartment to get my book.  When I got there my roommate 
Amy was sitting at the kitchen table, studying as always (she's such a good student, and sometimes I wish I could be as school oriented as she is! ha) I went in my room and put my book in my bag and headed back up to campus.  When I got there I decided to change into my dress so I would be ready to test.  I went to the ballroom and unzipped my backpack to take out my dance shoes and to  my luck they weren't there!  I went back in the bathroom i had changed in to see if they were there and no luck!  Then I remembered that I had had them in my backpack during my first class, but  when I went home must have taken them out in order to put my dance book in my backpack.  Normally if it had been a 
regular class day, I wouldn't have cared and just danced in 
the shoes I had worn originally for that day, but it was a test
day, there is no way I could test without wearing heels and 
not get docked on points.  I felt super selfish but called my 
roommate Amy who was nice enough to drive up to campus
and bring me my shoes so I could test.  I feel so spoiled having
roommates who are nice enough to do those kinds of things! 
I remember when I was growing up I was known for always 
forgetting things and having my mom bring whatever it was 
that I forgot to me right at the last minute.  I try hard to stay 
organized and I  believe that I am getting better about remembering things but every now and again I have my moments 
when I tend to forget things or have one of my many dumb blonde moments.

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