Monday, February 28, 2011

The OG Attire

So I love working at Olive Garden, but I have to admit the uniform we have to wear can often be misleading.  For example... I had to work this last Sunday morning (yeah I know bummer, I was a sinner and had to skip church) so I was in my car driving to work when I pulled up at a red light with cars on either side of me.  The driver for each car was a man and each were dressed and looked like they were headed to church.  They were both fixing their ties and hey guess what... I was too! They both saw me fixing my tie and did a double take! It was probably one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile.  

Yet again when I was coming home from work I parked my car in the parking lot to my apartment complex, there were a few of the guys in my ward who were getting in their cars to go somewhere and a few of them had to do a double take.  I don't think they were used to seeing a girl dressed in black dress pants, a white collared shirt, with a tie.  That was something they had probably expected to see other guys wearing that day, but definitely not me.  It was so funny to see them do a double take, I could tell from the perplexed looks on their faces that they didn't understand until they saw my name tag and then they kinda smiled after everything had clicked and come together. 

So all in all I have to admit that my work attire isn't the most comfortable or definitely the cutest, but it definitely confuses quite a few people. 

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