Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Weekend With Tress

So last weekend I got the chance to finally go home! I had been planning this weekend since like the week after I got back from Christmas break.  I got done with my 8:00 class Friday morning and headed home to pack up my stuff to go home.  My friend Melissa and I left around noon and made the 3 1/2 hour trip home.  

I was super excited to be home!  I'm pretty sure my mom was happy to have me home too.  She even bribed me with a shopping trip so I would want to come home more often :P. That night I helped my mom make a yummy dinner which we shared with some family friends and then I got to see my bestest friend... Tressa! 

I was super excited I hadn't seen her for like 3 months!  She wasn't home for Christmas when I was so we ended up exchanging our Christmas presents during the middle of February.  She gave me a very cute blinged out blue jacket and I gave her a fluffy pink blanket and fluffy zebra print pillow.  

Friday night we went to good ol' Century Cinema 5 and watched the roommate.  We ended up running into a couple of friends from high school and sitting next to little immature high school kids.  They seriously made me feel super old! The movie was kinda creepy, the girl in the movie was seriously psycho! Kinda freaked me out! It's good to know I have awesome roommates who aren't psycho and kill poor innocent little kittens and annoying ex-boyfriends.

The next night I went out to Tress's for a family game night to play me some crazy rook and for the first time ever I had a perfect game and ended up winning! I was so proud of myself! :D 
After crazy rook, we went into town to get some kiwi loco.  

In high school we had to settle for Dairy Queen for our cool "hang out."  Of course only after I graduate would Burley become a little more modern and up to date and get a cool hangout ice cream place like Kiwi Loco.  Oh well... 

Last weekend with Tress was way awesome! I had so much fun! The weekend was definitely not long enough.  I can't wait until I get to go home again, which probably won't even be until a week or two I actually move home for the summer.  Oh well, can't wait to visit good ol' B-town again! 

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