Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Class

Growing up, as students, weren't we taught to be quiet in class and keep whispers and other noises to a bare minimum? Well this is not the case for my articulation and phonology class.  Of course articulating means speaking and phonology is the study of hearing and speech sounds, so naturally we do a lot of experimentation with making different noises.  My phonetics class last semester was the same way, experimenting with finding different ways to make different sounds in your mouth.  In class, when we discuss these different sounds, you can always hear over half of the class imitating the sound.  I always find it rather entertaining.

What makes me smile and laugh the most, is when I'm in the testing center and taking a test that testing my knowledge of the articulation of certain sounds.  I try to be as quiet as possible when I make the sounds and try to figure out the question, but I always get a few people who glance over their shoulder and give me weird looks.  It's rather entertaining I must admit! 

Last class for articulation and phonology, our teacher taught us how to talk with a lisp.  Of course this was so that we could understand how to correct a lisp, but I thought it was pretty funny when my teacher talked for a majority of the remainder of class with a lisp.  I love my major! :D 

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