Tuesday, March 29, 2011

| Festival of Colors |

So this last weekend, my roommates and a few friend from my ward were able to go to the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork.  I had heard about it last year, of course only after seeing all of the pictures on facebook.  I made it a goal to go this year.  We decided to head down there early and ended up getting there a little after 11.  Because it was so busy, we parked in town and had to walk almost a mile to the Krishna temple and we made it there barely after the 11 o'clock throwing.  They had schedule to do a big color throw/cloud every two hours.  So we had to wait two more hours before the next throwing.  We still had tons of fun throwing colored chalk all over each other and getting all "colorful."  There were a few bands who played but the music was definitely something I wasn't used to, but it was still fun to be in a big crowd of people throwing color everywhere.  I was so scared that my hair was going to be dyed for work later than night, but thankfully I was able to brush most of the color out before I washed it so that it didn't dye my hair too much.  

The Before Picture


Pretty Colors!

The After Picture

Festival of Colors was a blast! Definitely one of the highlights of living in Utah - that and it gave me a chance to see what I'd look like with pink hair! :P 

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