Sunday, March 27, 2011

- My Little Quirks -

Everyone has those little quirky things about them.  
Well here are a few quirky things about me:
- I am OCD about sorting the clothes in my closet
- I have to sleep with socks on my feet
- I avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
- check my alarm at least 3 times before I go to
sleep to make sure I set the right time 
- I have to proportionally spread butter over my
pancakes, toast, or french toast.
- I hate the sound of a fork scraping
between someone's teeth
- When I was little I had a phobia of being
locked in store if it was around closing time
- I love ducks! I think they're cute!
- I can touch the tip of my nose
and my chin with my tongue.
- To relieve anger and stress I play the piano
- Whenever I do well on a test in the testing center,
I try to sit in the same exact desk the next time I take a test

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