Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Housing Hunt

So for over 2 months I have been searching, no correction, hunting for a place to live for next Fall/Winter.  I had planned to get a head start and begin my search all the way back in January.  I had been studying the BYU Housing Guide probably more than books for my classes.  I also was constantly browsing sites online trying to find a cute, fairly priced, with a touch-of-home look condo or apartment to live in for just next  fall/winter.  Most condos and apartments that fit this description are all south of campus, are rather expensive, and make you sign a full year contract which leaves you to try to sell it if you leave during the Spring/Summer term.  I didn't want to get stuck in that rut of trying to sell a contract.  I found this small women's condo complex that was fairly priced and only housed 3 girls.  My roommate Amy and I went over and had a look at a couple of the condos there and fell in love with them! They were so cute and the girls told us they had just signed a fall/winter contract! It was like an answer to our prayers.  Amy and I went to go sign the contract a few days later and had all of the paperwork nearly filled out when I noticed that the contract date said August 2011 to August 2012.  I asked the guy about it and he said that he wouldn't be able to change it and that we had to sign a full year if we wanted the condo.  Amy and I didn't feel good about it, so we decided to pass and keep looking.

One day I was talking to one of the girls at work about my housing frustrations.  She had just come back from a study abroad in China for 6 months and told me that she lived in this cute little townhouse a few blocks south of campus and that two of her roommates were graduating and moving out and that her landlord was super cool and would probably sign us for just fall/winter if that's what we wanted.  I dropped by to see her condo and fell in love with it! It was super cute! It was blue on the outside and had a balcony.  It had 3 levels and everyone had their own parking space! Amy went with me a week later and told me that she loved it too, so we called the landlord and asked to set up a time we could meet with him. A couple weeks went by and we didn't hear back from him so I gave him a call.  He said that before he signed us that he was waiting for one of the girls who was moving out to get her acceptance letter to graduate school.  My friend came to work a week later and told me that her roommate didn't get into grad school and had decided to stay.  I was super bummed, but continued my housing hunt.  

A couple weeks after that my friend Alisa called me and left a message on my phone that she had exciting news to tell me.  I had been trying to get Alisa to come live with us, but she is graduating in August and said she was moving home for next year to hopefully find a job.  I called her back later that night after getting her message and she told me that she had changed her mind and wanted to live with me and Amy next year.  She was going to look for a teaching job down here somewhere close in Utah Valley.  I was so excited!  

With my wonderful roommate Kyleigh graduating in August and moving home for next Fall I wasn't sure who I wanted to live with and had thought about flying solo and living with girls I didn't know.  This idea kinda scared me and I didn't really feel comfortable with it.  That's when my roommate Chelsea told me that we should live together next year and we started looking for housing.  Then I thought of Amy my cute little roommate who always make you laugh.  I wanted her to come live with us too.  So we were going to sign together, but things didn't work out to where we could.  So it was just Amy and I hunting for housing again.  I had always had my friend Alisa in the back of my mind even after she told me that she wasn't going to be living here next fall.  

Well I can say that after 2 months of searching for housing and having nothing work, I can say that Alisa, Amy, and I have officially signed a contract and will be living together in this cute little condo for next fall/winter ( the funny thing is this apartment is in the same complex Amy and I had originally wanted to sign, it was just 2 floors up! :P )

I remember feeling so frustrated a few weeks ago because I didn't know where I was going to live next year and things just didn't seem to be working out.  But a heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can honestly say that I believe there was a reason that things didn't work out for the longest time and now that they have.  What that reason is, I'm not sure but I know there is a purpose for everything. :D 

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