Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So for conference this spring, I was super excited to hear all of the messages.  I was privileged to actually go to the conference center for 2 sessions.  I woke up super early and got ready and my friend Lance and I headed our drive to Salt Lake.  We didn’t even have tickets for either session when we first made the plans to go to both sessions of conference for the day.  As we were headed down to Lance’s super sweet mint green jeep he informed me that he had pulled some strings and gotten us some tickets.  His aunt had a couple of extra tickets for the afternoon session, so if we couldn’t find tickets for the morning session we would at least have tickets for the afternoon session.  Our plan was to hopefully get tickets through standby or by simply asking people if they had extra tickets to spare.

It was rather funny to see that all the other cars out on the freeway at 7 AM all had drivers who were dressed in their Sunday best headed to Salt Lake.  Sadly, when we were about half way to Salt Lake, we got a call from Lance’s aunt who had the extra tickets and she said that she didn’t have 2 extra tickets for us anymore but just one, she had miscalculated.  We were kinda bummed cuz we were back to square one with finding tickets for both sessions but we did end up getting a really awesome parking spot thanks to Lance’s uncle who had an extra parking pass.  After we found our parking spot we walked up to the conference center to scout out tickets, in the process we saw about 7 other people from our ward who were doing the same.  They offered us their sign they had made after they got tickets.  We were probably only standing there for literally 2 minutes without holding the sign up or anything, when this really nice man came up to us and asked us if we needed tickets.  Of course we said YES!  We thanked him and looked at the tickets to find out where we were sitting so we could go find our seats before conference started.  THEY WERE IN THE TERRACE!  I was expecting to get tickets that were in the balcony, but we were super lucky and got seats in the terrace pretty close to the main floor. 

The talks during the first session were AMAZING!!  After the first session was over we headed back to Lance’s minty green jeep to get out lunch he had packed us and find a place to sit.  We found a nice patch of grass just outside of temple square and sat down and started eating our lunch.  About half way through our lunch, this girl comes up to us and asks us if she can take our picture.  We looked kinda confused but we of course agreed.  So we were thinking that she was going to pull out like a Canon or Nikon out of her pocket and just snap and shot, but this legit guy gets out of this car with this very expensive camera equipment and sets up to take our picture.  We thought it was a little odd at first, but soon after they snapped our picture we realized that they could have been photographers from the ENSIGN!!  How cool would that be!  So then of course we joked with each other saying how we were just going to have to wait and see in a month after the conference issue of the Ensign came out.

After we finished our lunch we sat on the grass just talking. We still hadn’t found tickets for the afternoon session but Lance’s aunt still had one ticket from one of her friends we just needed to find one more ticket.  I got a text message from one of my friends from back home asking me if I needed an extra ticket. CAN YOU SAY DIVINE INSPIRATION!! AMAZING!!  Of course I took him up on his offer and planned to meet up with him and get my ticket.  Lance and I went to go find the lady who had his ticket.  I was still waiting to get my ticket but I called my friend to ask him what door and what section.  I look at Lance’s ticket to compare, his was Door 19, Terrace, Section F. My friend said our tickets were for DOOR 19, TERRACE, SECTION F!! K, I love when things work out perfectly but now I felt so blessed I was almost getting freaked out by how perfect things had been going that day.  So I got my ticket and the 3 of us ended up sitting next to each other. 

The second session was just as good as the first, if not better.  As we were leaving the conference center we were up on top of the building when my roommate called me.  She and her friend also had tickets to the afternoon session and I was meeting up with her to get a ride home because Lance was staying to go to the priesthood session later that night.  I asked her where she was and she told me that they didn’t make it into the conference center in time and had to watch it in the tabernacle.  I remember she had this bright green cardigan she sometimes wore and I totally saw her from on top of the conference center all the way to the tabernacle – yes it was rather bright! I met up with Chels and rode home and hurried to work. 

This year’s general was awesome!  I absolutely loved all of the talks that were given.  They inspired me to do better and to be a better person!  There are so many things I learned I need to work on and improve in my life.   

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