Saturday, April 30, 2011

best roomies ever!

So this last year has  been so awesome! I absolutely loved every minute of it!!  I think the biggest reason for this is my awesome, cool, amazing, loving, talented, smart, gorgeous, hilarious, caring, kind, fantastic, etc... roommates! Although we had roommates come and go this last year, I enjoyed living with every single one of them.  Each brought her own unique character into our apartment and made it that much more fun.  We definitely had our fair share of laughs.  Of course during the first semester, that can only be expected seeing how all 6 of us were blonde and blue eyed.  We all had our blonde moments that for sure (ok so maybe me more than others, but what can I say? I'm still working on it.)

Fall Semester 2010

Heather W, Amy, Kyleigh, Jayci, Heather R

Second semester was just as fun as the first though, even though we had 2 brunettes and and a red head move in... haha just kidding.. Chels, Meagan, and Betsy are all really cute and really fun girls.  We had just as many laughs if not more than the first semester.  We all because really close, especially the last couple months of school.

Chelsea, Amy, Kyleigh

Amy, Kyleigh, Betsy, Chelsea
(It was almost impossible to get us all together to take a picture,
Meagan was partying it up in Arizona for her birthday when we took this!)

Out of everything this last year, I think my favorite thing was the quote wall... I know very typical of a girls apartment, especially at BYU to have a quote wall, but I honestly have to say that this thing made me laugh almost every time I walked past it (which was a lot considering it was in our kitchen.)

Our Lovely Quote Wall
Don't you just love how it is brightly colored too?  We honestly anticipated that the whole wall would be covered, floor to ceiling after just the first semester and that we would have to find another wall to stick all of our quotes on.  I honestly believe that someone said something or something happened that was deserving of the quote wall at least every other day if not every day.  We just got busy and didn't have enough time to write all of them down.  In fact the majority of the ones up on the wall were from the first month or two of fall semester.  We did add a few more second semester, but not nearly as many.  

A Few of My Favorite Quotes
     - "I am pissed on!" - Amy
     - Kyleigh: "Amy, did you turn off your cochlear implant?"
       Amy: "No, did you?"
     - "You can always tell when she gets sleepy because her
       eyebrows get all pointy!"   -Chelsea
     - "I need to write this on the tablets of my heart!!" -Jayci
     - "Her doesn't." -Chelsea (Chels' Okie hick slang comin out... haha jk)
     - "I've locked myself in the bathroom!" -Kelsee
     - "It's a good thing Betsy doesn't ask me for help with her
        English!"  -Meagan 
     - "I love the stuffed animal museum up on campus!" -Heather W
     - "I struggle in classes I have to use my body to get a good 
        grade!"  -Kyleigh
     - "Is there something on my neck?" -Heather R 
(Here's a picture for this last one)

Heather R turned to me half way through a fireside by Elder Packer in the Marriott Center and asked "Is there something on my neck."  It was everything I could do to try to hold in my laughter. She had been tickling her neck and arm with her sharpie pen for quite some time when she realized the cap was off! :D 

It's memories like this that I'll always look back on!  Thank you so much girls from apartment 118 for an awesome semester full of fun and laughter.  I will miss you all! 

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