Saturday, April 30, 2011

-Road Trip-

So all the way back in the fall, my roommate Kyleigh had been planning a road trip for us to her house in St. George. I was a little worried because the weekend we decided on and that worked for all of us, was the weekend of the last week of classes, just before finals began.  I found out that it was definitely what I needed.  We left early Friday morning, went to the St. George temple later that afternoon, went for frozen yogurt afterwards, and went site seeing up in a canyon.  I have to admit the temple was probably my favorite part for the day.  It was rather entertaining watching Chelsea trying to teach this temple worker how to "pound it" (might I add he is was like 80 years old!) LOL I laughed so hard!

Later that night we ended up watching Tangled with Kyleigh's family and her super cute little cousin! After the movie she started playing with some plastic Easter eggs and Chels and I joined in and ended up with this...

The next day we went shopping at the outlet mall.  There were some really cool shops and I am proud to say I didn't spend too much money!  I also got to go to lunch with my older brother Ryan who lives in St. George.  It was good to see him, especially since I hadn't seen him in over a year.  Later that afternoon we went joyriding in Kyleigh's Jeep.  It had been raining quite a bit, so we were hoping to go muddin, but sadly it wasn't all that muddy.  We still had a blast though!


Sunday we went to church with Kyleigh's family and they have such a nice ward, not to mention this little priest who had the hots for Amy. HAHA it was rather funny, he tried saying something to her in sign language that Kyleigh's brother had taught him... and that was "Amy you are beautiful." I rather enjoyed watching him stare at Amy during sacrament meeting.

Later that night, after an amazing dinner that Kyleigh's parents prepared for us, we headed back to Provo, ready to take on the last few days of classes for the semester and last day as roommates.

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